Financial transparency

Each year, the Coginta committee submits the financial statements for approval by the members of the association, presented at the general meeting by the treasurer. These are previously verified by an approved expert auditor, Comptesas + Gerficom SA, responsible for ensuring that Coginta's accounts and results comply with Swiss law and the statutes.

In 2023, our resources amounted to CHF 66 224 727. Please note that funds entrusted to Coginta may be subject to expenditure verification exercises, the terms of which are determined by the donors, depending on the nature of the contract.

If necessary, an approved auditor is responsible for verifying:

• Documentation, archiving and record keeping
• The eligibility of expenses and revenues
• Public procurement and origin rules
• Asset management (management and control of assets
immobilized assets, for example equipment)
• Management of cash and bank accounts
• Salary and working time management
• Accounting and financial information
• Internal controls, particularly financial


Comptesas + Gerficom SA acknowledges that the annual accounts for the financial year ending December 31, 2023 comply with Swiss law as well as the statutes of the association, and give a true and fair view of the financial situation, the results of operations and the cash flow, in accordance with the Swiss Ordinary Control Standard.

In 2023, no expenditure was declared ineligible during the 10 expenditure audits that were conducted in 7 countries.

Furthermore, Coginta attaches the greatest importance to risk management in all areas: legal and legal compliance, human resources, fraud and corruption, information management, finance, safety and security strategy. Coginta constantly aims to improve its internal control system by developing policies and procedures that meet international standards and the requirements of our financial partners.